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2 weeks New investor trying to figure it out, this is my portfolio, please help. Reddit     

So I’m 32, and pre-Covid-19 I came into a bit of money(40k), I don’t expect to ever have as much money as this ever again so I intend to grow it, however I really have no one to talk to about where I should invest.

I’ve been reading a lot given all the free time I seem to have these days. Doing some reading on investopedia, some Stock Market for Beginners books and currently making my way through The Intelligent Investor. Is there any other sources you guys recommend? Pod casts, Youtube, books, etc…?

So far my portfolio looks like this I just picked these based on (in my novice opinion) growth potential and/or Dividend return:

Stock/Share(s) AAPL- 5 AMZN- 1 ARCC -200 BMY – 50 DIS- 20 IVR- 324 JETS- 20 KO-100 LYV- 10 TSLA- 1 VOO- 5 VZ- 100

These good? Bad? I’d appreciate any advice. Also, What industries do you guys think will take off post Corona? why? Where you putting your money etc…

Thanks for your time, hope everyone is healthy.

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