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Hey guys, I started trading 18 months ago. Had some luck with initial investment and turned 5k$ into 12! Sold all of my stocks except my two etfs (ISHSVII-NASDAQ 100 DL ACC & WISDOMTR.GL.QUA.DV.GR.DLA) and did my research the past months and picked these defensive Dividend stocks, I hold 1200$ of each of the following stocks :

Abbvie Johnson & Johnson Enbridge Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce Broadcom Allianz SE

Please don’t roast me, I just want your opinion.

My goal is minimum 10-15 years, if not longer, I am a 29 year old master student from Germany who will start working in couple of months and I want to build some wealth so I can finally reach financial freedom!

Thanks for any help I love you guys! <3

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