1 week Nokia ($NOK) supports T-Mobile 5G evolution with five-year expansion deal Reddit     

NOK is generally not very popular on reddit and the last decade and a half has been rocky at best. But their 5G business expansion seems to be on good footing. What are yall’s opinions?

Press release from this morning (Helsinki time). They’re up almost 3% at open.

PS I’m biased as a Finnish person.


  • T-Mobile extends a longstanding partnership with Nokia to expand its nationwide 5G network

  • Nokia’s Airscale Massive MIMO to light up T-Mobile’s (2.5GHz mid-band) Ultra Capacity 5G

  • Un-carrier customers to experience increased 5G speeds by combining the extended range (low-band) 5G with the additional Ultra Capacity 5G (2.5GHz mid-band)

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