2 weeks $PLTR – sell or cover with options? Reddit     

Hi all,

Fairly new to trading, currently own some quite good performing stocks (Palantir, NIO, Xpeng) which are all above +80% at least. I have a lot of faith in NIO and Xpeng so will keep those as is but bit more skeptical about Palantir. Just wanted to discuss how to move forward and get some advice from some Wall Street veterans.

At this point Palantir is at an almost 100% profit for me (bought around $9 and now at $18). These are the ways I want to go:

– Sell all my Palantir stock at 100% profit (or add a stop loss) but also buy some long term 2021 Call options in case the stock price still rises to still have some gains and not kick myself in the head for the next years.

– Keep all my Palantir stocks but buy some Put options to protect myself incase the stock price will suddenly drop.

Obviously I don’t expect anyone to look into the future, but just want some advice on how I can use options to slightly protect myself for making a stupid decision, or hear reassurance PLTR will keep performing over the next years.

Thanks in advance mates!

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