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This is the daily discussion, so anything stocks related is fine, but the theme for today is on stock options, but if options aren’t your thing then just ignore the theme and/or post your arguments against options here and not in the current post.

Some helpful day to day links, including news:

Required info to start understanding options:

  • Call option Investopedia video basically a call option allows you to buy 100 shares of a stock at a certain price (strike price), but without the obligation to buy
  • Put option Investopedia video a put option allows you to sell 100 shares of a stock at a certain price (strike price), but without the obligation to sell

See the following word cloud and click through for the wiki:

Call option – Put option – Exercising an option – Strike price – ITM – OTM – ATM – Long options – Short options – Combo – Debit – Credit or Premium – Covered call – Naked – Debit call spread – Credit call spread – Strangle – Iron condor – Vertical debit spreads – Iron Fly

If you have a basic question, for example “what is delta,” then google “investopedia delta” and click the investopedia article on it; do this for everything until you have a more in depth question or just want to share what you learned.

See our past daily discussions here. Also links for: Technicals Tuesday, Options Trading Thursday, and Fundamentals Friday.

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