2 weeks Recovery stocks should sharply rise over the next month Reddit     

The United States has administered around 10 million vaccines (with 600k receiving both shots) according to the Bloomberg Tracker (which could be lagging due to reporting issues).

Only 16.5% of the population is above 65, but they make up over 80% of COVID deaths – with most being concentrated in ages 75+.

Combining how it takes a couple weeks for the vaccine to start to kick in and accounting for those dying who got infected before the vaccination roll out, there should be a big drop in deaths within the next month.

On top of this, Biden is releasing his COVID plan tomorrow, and Johnson and Johnson should be releasing vaccine data on 1/21. Unless there is a coronavirus variant that eludes the current vaccines or the current vaccines don’t work as well as thought, there shouldn’t be any more bad news to bring recovery stocks down.

My play: I’ve held CCL since late April and have considered selling, but they just released a ‘Business Update’ (with their quarterly financials) and it is now understood they have enough money to survive 2021 even with no sailings – and their first-half 2022 bookings are AHEAD of first-half 2019 bookings DESPITE NO MARKETING.

This means minimal (if any) dilution and proves the idea there will be a travel surge after the virus ends.

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