3 months Savings all-in on stock market after buying a house Reddit      

I have a decent amount in savings in my mid-thirties. I’d like to invest it in ETFs that track broad market funds, diversifying between value, growth, developing world, and developed world, both EU, US, and other markets.

Bought a house with the bank’s money at an interest rate of 1.50%, keeping my own money and planning to invest it to pocket the difference. In my country there is zero capital gains tax.

I’ll be needing the money again in about 7 years.

The only risk seems to be that when the market collapses like in 2018, I can’t sell for three something years. My monthly income and what I’ll leave on the savings account should cover expenses, and budget for that worst-case scenario.

I have been speculating on the market for some months, and understand the fundamentals. I have limited experience with ETFs, so I plan on making a basket, taking fees into account (DEGIRO has a core selection without fees), and asking the opinions of some reputable contractors on UpWork.

A periodic buy seems like the best idea. But if I buy €2K worth each week for a year, I already miss out on gains from the start. Nonetheless, it’d also allow me to gradually buy in whilst getting to know the true cost of owning a property.

What do you think?

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