2 years Selling Regulated Products Online? A New High-Risk Guide Helps You Find A Payment Gateway And Shopping Cart That Won’t Shut You Down.     

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine, May 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Tasker Payment Gateways LLC’s High-Risk Payment Gateway and Shopping Cart Resource Guide answers dozens of questions about restricted and regulated product integrations. A Maine-based, A+ rated, and BBB-accredited online payments resource, Tasker Payment Gateways LLC announced the release of their High-Risk Payment Gateway and Shopping Cart Resource Guide this month.

Designed for website owners, developers, and retail business owners hoping to expand into e-commerce, this new, comprehensive guide offers how-to guides, answers to common high-risk gateway integration questions, and over 200 resource links catered to online commerce. This unique resource guide focuses on everything from site-builder compatibility to how to choose a high-risk payment gateway that works with specific product/shopping cart combinations.

According to TaskerPaymentGateways.com, the ability to accept credit card payments for a host of regulated items varies widely depending on which site builder or shopping cart an online merchant chooses.

The resources in the guide are broken down into four main sections: high-risk payment gateway resources; regulated business resources; software, platform, and shopping cart resources; and high-risk tips and insights.

The resource guide’s first section focuses on payment gateways and covers over 40 topics. Concepts discussed range from broad and informative, such as “how to choose the best high-risk payment gateway,” to detailed and specific, such as the how-to guide on setting up open-ended “buy now” buttons within Authorize.Net or NMI.

Tasker Payment Gateways LLC’s high-risk resource guide then covers regulated industries such as vaporizers, pipes and glassware, hemp-based CBD, cigars, and tactical items. This section includes some helpful and comprehensive 101 guides that cover setting up an e-commerce website, choosing a platform and payment gateway, and ensuring that the merchant account that connects to the payment gateway is compatible with a business owner’s products and services. The regulated industries section also spotlights some specific industry and shopping cart combinations. For example, there are links to Stripe and PayPal alternatives for online smoke shops, how to sell cigars on Shopify, and exhaustive guides and payment gateway news updates that focus on legal, hemp-derived CBD websites.

The third section of this high-risk e-commerce guide is likely to be the most helpful to online businesses and their web developers. The software, platforms, and shopping cart resources sections include dozens of commonly asked yet challenging-to-answer questions. Topics include how to connect a high-risk payment gateway like NMI or Authorize.Net to Wix or Squarespace and what alternatives exist for online sellers who are unable to use out-of-the-box payment processors such as Shopify Payments.

The Tasker Payment Gateways LLC high-risk resource guide finishes with general tips and tricks specific to the challenges associated with selling regulated products online. This last section includes links to specific resources for web developers, high-risk search engine optimization articles, fraud protection tips, merchant account volume caps, and dozens of other topics. 

You can access this detailed guide, free of charge, by visiting https://taskerpaymentgateways.com/high-risk-resources/.


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