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1 week Stocks, brokers, and entry in the Central Securities Depository (CSD) Reddit     

I’m buying shares through a broker and I’m long term individual investor. Since I hold the shares I would like the applicable benefits – attend shareholders’ meetings, shareholders’ discounts, exclusive membership in loyalty programmes, etc. To be eligible my personal data have to be entered in the Central Securities Depository (CSD).

Most brokers hold the securities in street name ie. in the CSD there is data of the broker or custodian, not the personal data of an individual buying the shares throught the broker account.

Not sure how to approach this efficiently…

Should I request at the broker that they enter my personal data to the local CSD, do brokers usually offer such service?

Should I register an account by the local CSD, claim shares, and make them verify everything with the broker?

How do I verify that my personal data is entered in the CSD?

Does it even make sense or is there a different way to achieve what I’m describing in the first paragraph?

The questions apply to companies listed on stock exchanges in EU countries, UK, and Switzerland.

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