3 months Stopped smoking to DCA invest in crypto, I also bought most of my bag at ATHs, still I feel like a real winner Reddit      

Almost a year ago I’ve started to invest in crypto. I don’t have much money left to invest, so I’ve stopped smoking to be able to invest in it. This money I spend on cigarettes were the only amount of money I could afford to lose. Whether it “goes up smoke” or my crypto going down, it was (almost) practically the same.

I am one of you in the Club of “Buying high”, but I am not mad about it.

And there are 2 reasons why I am still happy about my decision to keep DCAing regularly:

1) Since I’ve stopped to smoke, my health much better. I can finally breathe much better, food tastes much better and enjoying everything.

2) I really really believe in cryptocurrency. They are the future, maybe they won’t make fiat obsolete, but there’s no denying the fact that crypto has now an important place in the world.

My portfolio might be slightly down/red, but I now that the bullrun will continue and that we all will make good profit. It’s not about Lambo, it is about being part of a decentralized financial and ecological system which crypto is (there are exceptions ofc) and with crypto I can really feel being financial free in terms of availbility/ governance/ no or less third party dependency.


stopped smoking, health gains, portfolio gains in (near) future.

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