2 years Suggestions for my long term growth portfolio     

Hey, I am still a noob to the stock market. I have created a portfolio, planning on holding these stocks for 5+ years. What do you think about my 10 stocks, and do you have any suggestions?

I have 10K to invest.

  1. 10x Vail Resorts ($1700) – Ski resorts should open
  2. 10x Microsoft ($1730) – Continuous Growth in multiple areas
  3. 10x Marriott International ($840) – Largest hotel chain – good recovery
  4. 10x Darden ($700) – Largest restaurant chain- good recovery
  5. 5x Boeing ($650) – I will wait before investing anymore
  6. 15x Disney ($1,500) – Expect to see a strong and fast recovery
  7. 25x Genus PLC. ($1,500) – Leading genetic insemination company in the world
  8. 5x Facebook ($1,200) – Their continuous and stable presence
  9. 10x MGM Holdings ($860) – Fast recovery when vegas opens
  10. Royal Caribbean Cruise – I will wait to invest
  11. Google/Amazon – Haven't decided.


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