3 weeks Taking profits! Please share ideas to help one another on a strategy you use in order to start taking profits on a trade or close out Reddit      

I have been on Reddit since January 27th. I have not come across a post where a community shares ideas. I think its very beneficial to brainstorm and share successes so that the community reader can absorb the idea and maybe use it as well.

For myself I have been trading since the 90s. It is obvious trading has changed. The biggest change that can be seen is with the Pandemic came commission free trading, everyone at home. In 2019, retail accounted for 12-14% of daily volume…. It is said that retail trading is now 25-30% of daily volume….. and some of the tickers we trade 50-75% of trades….. What does that mean for trading?

It means that you at home, are selling shares to another retail at home, generally, with momentum stocks… So the swings are very quickly….

Under this environment I no longer wait a certain % per investment for a trade. I wait until I am up $200-500 before I close a position.

For some that ask me when they should sell. I tell them maybe when you are up 5% sell half, up 10% sell the rest….. If it dips 5% buy back the half… that is just something I would say..

Please share your experience and ideas, I am sure it will help others.

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