2 years Teekay Tankers is soooooooo undervalued. Change my mind.     

So I did some analysis on the good ol' tanker stocks. Started with the meme stock $NAT then got to $DHT $STNG and eventually ended up with $EURN and $TNK.

Now before I knew about $TNK I would have picked $EURN because they have manageable debt a nice fleet and so on.

What stood out the most to me are the EPS estimated for $TNK for the year 2020 and especially 2021.

It's around 7$ estimated EPS for 2020 and surprisingly 9$ for 2021. (Source: Nasdaq earnings report)

How does that even make sense?

Does that mean that the analyst predicted that this contango we're in will last til Q4 2021?

Tell me what you think about $TNK.

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