3 weeks The story of a 19/20yr old learning (in my opinion) on of the most valuable lesson you can learn on the stock market… Reddit      

I just turned 20 but for the last half year (began January this year) I have been telling myself “if i lose this money… oh well i got plenty of time to make this back.” I went from 1500$ to 9000$ within a month (a dumb 19yr old discovered options and got lucky) so i figured I could do it again, fast forward a few months and i’m at 2,000$, I turned 20 last week and it finally hit me…. Patience is key. I sold tons of my individual shares of company’s I owned besides AAPL, TSLA, and a few others for the “fun” tiny portion of my portfolio, but the rest of the money I have been buying FDVV and SPHD, along with a Reit fund, and a few others. I’m currently around 50$ annual divedends, I’m so happy with everything right now, not to mention when I bought most of them it was the dip a few days ago so i’ve made money on the stocks/ETF’s themselves too. Next goal will be to switch a portion of my Roth IRA with 2k from aggressive stock market growth etf’s over to dividend ETF’s too. (The first one was my brokerage acc). It’s kinda cool to think that without lifting a finger i’m making money just because other company’s are thriving. I love it and the fact i’m 20 makes me even happier, not to mention i’m majoring in finance haha! I know this is a lot but if you’d like to give me a tip or suggestion since i’m just starting that would be greatly appreciated!

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