3 months To the people saying ApeCoin does not only exist to make the founders rich… Reddit      

APE has a total supply of 1 Billion token.

Yuga Labs will receive 150M Tokens (15% of total supply), which will be locked up for 12 months and after that 4,166,666.67 will be releaed every months for 36 months.

The founders of BAYC (which are the 4 founders of Yuga Labs) receive 8% of the total supply, which are 80M Token, also locked up for 12 Months and then released monthly at 2,222,222.22 Tokens per Month.

Yes, 4 people will get 8% of the total supply.

So Yuga Labs + their founders will receive a total of 230M tokens, which is 23% of the total supply. After a 12 months lockup they will receive 6,388,888.89 tokens every month, starting in march 2023. That’s $84,652,777.79 at the current price, every single month…

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