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Volkswagen is selling electric cars like off the assembly line right now! In April alone, they sold 18,853 pure electric cars in Europe (ex UK) (Tesla: 861; but the first month of the quarter is always bad for Tesla in Europe) and thus reached a market share of 34.6%! In the whole first quarter of this year, they sold 32,363 pure electric cars in the same market (Tesla: 18,788), giving them a 23% market share.

VW ID.4 sales have started, Skoda Enyaqs as well, and Audi Etron Q4 is still to come to customers in June. All three cars are based on the MEB platforms and are direct competitors to Tesla’s Model Y, which will be delayed by at least half a year in Europe. Volkswagen is growing at breakneck speed. If they can maintain this pace, they would sell almost 60k EVs per quarter in Europe alone. Volkswagen estimates to sell 500k hybrids and 500k pure electric cars in 2021.

Volkswagen currently has a P/E ratio of 9.5, it is insanely cheap!

Note: I recently bought shares of Volkswagen.


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