2 years Warren Buffett isn’t the only investor shying away from airlines     

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Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett has abandoned the airline industry. During a virtual Buffett-palooza this weekend, the famed investor said his company had completely exited its stakes in four major U.S. airlines. “The world changed for airlines and I wish them well,” he said. (More here.)

Buffett isn’t alone in that sentiment. As part of our annual survey of Fortune 500 CEOs, we asked them to pick one Fortune 500 stock they would like to short. Airlines received the most mentions, followed by Boeing. (We’ll report full results of the survey as part of our Fortune 500 issue, out online May 18.)

Meanwhile, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff has been a whirlwind of activity during the pandemic, organizing his business colleagues and celebrity friends like Bono and Sacha Baron Cohen to source and ship some $50 million worth of PPE supplies to front-line health care workers, and challenging fellow CEOs not to lay off employees for 90 days.

This morning, Salesforce is announcing the launch of a new product, Work.com, to help businesses and communities safely reopen. In addition to providing a data “command center” for monitoring return-to-work readiness, the product will provide insights on reopening from health experts and business leaders.

Benioff will be Fortune’s guest on our new episode of the podcast Leadership Next, to be released tomorrow. You can find previous episodes here.

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