2 months What are your thoughts on the vaccine stocks? (PFE, MRNA, BNTX) Reddit    

I hold some BNTX options and I am very bullish for the short term for BNTX and MRNA. Earnings is coming in a month. I have no positions in MRNA but I am still bullish on that stock too.

Last earnings in the summer, we saw BNTX dip about a month before the call, then rally almost 100% to a high of $464. We dipped a week or 2 ago just like in the summer, but a little harder. If you look at the earnings before that, something similar happened on a lesser scale. Using my technical analysis looking at the year chart I feel it will go up again. Does this mean we will see a higher bull run?

Depending on the price by MRNA earnings (which I assume they will beat earnings), I imagine BNTX will ride up with MRNA in suspense of both earnings. MRNA is 11/4, BNTX is 11/8. Holding during earnings is a coin flip, even though I am bullish. I will decide with great thoughts if I hold through both earnings depending on the price of BNTX by MRNA earnings.

I have a feeling BNTX will see $350 before earnings and that is conservative. If we follow last earnings pattern or go higher like the yearly chart predicts, we could hit $460-500. Covid is not over, we are seeing more cases now than we did a year ago.

USA new Covid cases 10/14/20: 59.8k

USA new Covid cases 10/14/21: 88.9k

Thoughts? I have a feeling if it does run it will run very quickly

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