4 weeks What criteria do you use to justify buying a stock vs. Just owning VTI or VOO? Reddit     

Mine is usually the obvious in that I think the stock will outperform the index over either a short or long time frame.

But I’m wondering if some would also buy certain stocks as a larger holding as a defensive measure against downside loss on a certain percentage of your portfolio versus cash/bonds.

For example I can think of JNJ of course. It’s largest drawdown was around -34% if I remember correctly and it’s worst year was -10%. It’s averaged a 14% return since the 80s.

So I could see it or even MSFT etc as ‘protecting’ a certain percentage of my portfolio in the long term whilst also offering better than a 10% return hopefully.

I don’t see JNJ or MSFT crashing and never recovering, but of course one can never say never.

But in general I’m just wondering what criteria you use for deciding id like to own this stock versus just putting the money in VOO.

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