2 months What is the best thing to use to start buying stocks? I’m ready to start trying this out. Reddit      

I watched a couple of videos from Marko – WhiteBoard Finance and he was using moomoo. Never heard of it with my limited knowledge and have heard more of things like fidelity, robinhood, and vanguard. I’m only planning on spending a few hundred dollars at most while I’m learning. I want to buy etfs (recommended for beginners I’ve heard. Not sure how to know what a etf stock is) and a couple cheap individual stocks. I want to buy a partial stock as well to see how that works.

My brain is fried from information overload lol. What is the best thing to start with for an absolute beginner? Is there an better thing to use that is a little harder for a beginner but much better for a beginner as you grab your bearings?

Thanks in advance for any advice. I’m excited to buy my first stock and learn how this all works!

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