3 weeks Where is the most reliable source to find Free Float? Reddit      

I’m tracking a basket of highly volatile stocks that have been talked about on Reddit because I got lucky on a couple squeezes and I’ve identified patterns of what to look for, and I use ortex for SI data.

I’m attempting to update the Free Float in my spreadsheet because it changes periodically within stocks and one of my aims is obviously to be in a low float stock.

Here is my issue. Ortex SI data is based off a free float number, which is different than Yahoo Finance, which is different than FinViz, which is different than WeBull.

For example, we will use POSH (it has been at the bottom of my list for a while, but I’m noticing short interest going up a lot.

SI data on ortex is 79.17% of the float, but it’s saying that’s 3.76 million shares short.

Float on Webull says 39.82 M

Float on Yahoo says 4.78 M

Float on FinViz says 15.36 M

It looks like Yahoo is the closest data to ortex. And I’m not trying to pump this stock, because I’m halfway through my analysis, but I keep noticing these discrepancies with other stocks.

So PLEASE TELL ME, what is the most reliable source to find the float?

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