1 week Young investor needs help with portfolio allocation – Am I overlapping? Reddit     


I’m 27 yo, a non-US investor and I need help structuring my US-only stock portfolio. This portfolio is set-and-forget until I retire probably in my early 60s.

My current portfolio is

  • 100% VTI

I currently have $5000 extra cash to invest in. I was thinking to structure my portfolio a little bit aggressive like this

  • 50% VTI (US Broad Market)
  • 30% VUG (Growth ETF)
  • 20% QQQM (Nasdaq 100)

I’m not sure if I needed the $VUG growth stock when I already have $QQQM. Am I overlapping with this?

If it is, what’s a better structure with this? I was thinking 70/30, VTI/QQQM

Thanks in advance!

Note: This is just my US-only stock portfolio.

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